How To Become an Endorsed Chaplain

Requirements & Procedures

Chaplaincy positions in general require ecclesiastical endorsement by the applicant’s denominational headquarters. The Committee on Chaplaincy Endorsement and Services serves in behalf of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the selection of the best qualified ministers available for the ecumenical ministry of the chaplaincy and to provide services to those who serve the Church in these specialized ministries.


  1. Contact Tom Yates at 360.281.3729 or E-mail: Tom Yates
  2. Receive a login e-mail address and password to complete Endorsement Packet.
  3. When the completed Endorsement Packet has been received and processed, the candidate will speak with the Endorsing Office via conference call.
  4. In accord with the action of the Endorsing Officer, a letter of confirmation of endorsement will be sent to:
    1. Employer or Professional Society,
    2. Applicant’s Regional Minister, and
    3. The applicant requesting endorsement.

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