How To Become an endorsed Disciples chaplain

Disciples Chaplains are ministers/clergy of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Membership and participation in a local Disciples congregation, along with ordination or commissioning with ministerial standing through a Commission on Ministry of a Regional church body are foundational to all chaplaincy ministries.

Most chaplain ministry positions require educational preparation through accredited undergraduate and seminary degree programs.  For military active duty—a minimum of 72 hours of post-graduate theological education and two years of pastoral leadership in a congregation are expected.  Ministerial standing for federal chaplaincy is held by the General Commission on Ministry (GCOM) of our national church.

Disciples institutional chaplains must have current ministerial standing in one of the Regional manifestations of the church.  Many chaplaincy employers in healthcare settings also require four units of Clinical Pastoral Education obtained through an accredited chaplain residency training program or through extended CPE training units.

All chaplains seeking endorsement must complete an online Ecclesiastical Endorsement application, available through Disciples Home Missions Search and Call Website.  The application includes demographic information and a statement on the call to ministry. Statements of training, experience, and ministerial standing and disclosure forms.  Letters of reference, including one from your Regional Minister, and all undergraduate and graduate educational transcripts are also to be provided by applicant.  Once all materials have been submitted and reviewed, the endorsement process is completed with a telephone interview by the Disciples Chaplains Endorsing Officer.  Endorsement verification is then sent to the employer as requested.  For military chaplains a DD Form 2088 is completed and submitted to the service branch where the prospective chaplain is applying.

To apply for Ecclesiastical Endorsement or for further information please contact our  office at:

Rev. Thomas A. Yates

Chaplains Endorsing Officer

360.936.0725 (PST)

Anne Marie Moyars

Ministry Associate

317.713.2664 (EST)


To maintain your endorsement within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) you are required to complete the following each year:

  • Annual Report;
  • Current Regional Staff Reference Form; and
  • $40 Dues