Cathy Myers Wirt Missions Fund

“The Global Sisterhood is real…”

“Legacy is not just to preserve the past; legacy means that we assume there is a future for the ministry we love…”

-Rev. Dr. Cathy Myers Wirt


Rev. Dr. Cathy Myers Wirt has dedicated her life to the Church, particularly women’s ministry, for over forty years. While actively working in the Church, Rev. Dr. Wirt has served as pastor, preacher, teacher, and Disciples Women’s Staff. In July of this year, she retired as Regional Minister of the Christian Church Oregon/SW Idaho. She is passionate about Disciples Women and fondly recalls attending her first DW event as a baby in her mother’s arms. Her leadership in mission-focused work has uplifted women worldwide and united them in a Global Sisterhood. The Cathy Myers Wirt Fund for Women’s Missions was established at the 2023 General Assembly in Louisville, Kentucky to continue her legacy and contributions. This fund will support mission-focused initiatives facilitated by the Office of Disciples Women, bringing attention to the need for domestic and international missions focused on women to a wider audience. Programs such as Women’s Action Web (domestic missions) and Woman-to-Woman Worldwide (international missions) will benefit from this fund, which will be invested through the Christian Church Foundation in the Sarah Bostick Fund. Only the interest will be used to subsidize this crucial work.


Words of Gratitude & Wisdom From Rev. Dr. Cathy Myers Wirt

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