The Application process for the 2020 Woman-to-Woman Worldwide Journey to Southern Asia will open in early October.  The application will be available online and also as a download.      

The W2WW journey offers a way to respond to the call for Disciples Women to experience solidarity with one another, to affirm the unity of the Church in Jesus Christ, and to join the common struggle for justice and peace in the world today by educating and advocating for those needs. This opportunity is not a ‘hands-on’ mission. It is an experience in listening to our sisters of other countries to learn from them and what it means to be a woman of faith in their context. These international, ecumenical, and personal experiences encourage faithful women to see the world through new eyes and bring that perspective back to their congregation and community. An integral part of the post-journey experience is giving presentations about their experiences and sharing what they have learned with others.

The W2WW journey is an opportunity to build relationships with sister congregations and regions. W2WW is sponsored by the International Disciples Women’s Ministries and administered by the staff of Disciples Women in conjunction with Global Ministries


Woman-to-Woman Worldwide in Cuba

In October 2018, a group of Disciples Women from different parts of the United States traveled to Cuba to walk in solidarity, affirm the unity of the church in Jesus Christ, and join the common struggle for justice and peace with Global Ministries’ partners on the island. This ecumenical experience encouraged participants to see the world through new eyes and to bring that perspective back to their congregations and communities.  To continue reading, please click here.

Woman-to-Woman Worldwide in Cuba – Special Projects

Please click on this link to read more out the WWW Cuba special projects:  Cuba Special Projects




Woman-to-Woman Worldwide is designed to establish a network of “growing concentric circles of world proportion.” T.J. Liggett

You are invited to participate in this program in a number of different ways.

  • Be an actual participant on a journey. Contact your regional staff person in January to start the application process.
  • Pray for the participants on the annual journey.
  • Support one of the service projects.
  • Donate to one of the participants travelling on the journey
  • Share what you learn with others.

For a complete list of  previous Woman-to-Woman Worldwide Journeys, please click  HERE.