The Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journey is an opportunity to build relationships with sister congregations and regions.

The Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journey (W2WW) is sponsored by the International Disciples Women’s Ministries and administered by the staff of Disciples Women in conjunction with Global Ministries.



Applications are now being accepted for the 2017 Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journey to India. The application, including the Candidate Guidelines, and a recommendation letter are due by April 1, 2017.




The 2018 Woman-to-Woman journey will be to Cuba. 

**Read the guidelines to apply**

While the Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journey isn’t a ‘hands-on’ mission, it does offer a way to respond to the call for church women to experience solidarity with one another, to affirm the unity of the church in Jesus Christ, and to join the common struggle for justice and peace in the world today by educating and advocating for those needs. These international, ecumenical, and personal experiences encourage faithful women to see the world through new eyes and bring that perspective back to their congregation and community. An integral part of the post-journey experience is giving presentations about your experiences and sharing what you’ve learned with others.

This experience will include visits to our in-country partners’ programs and projects that focus on helping to improve the standard of living for marginalized impoverished women and children which in turn will raise the standard of living for their village or town. Upon your return home, you can make a difference by sharing what you have learned with your church and region. By raising funds and awareness and respect for differing cultures, you help to improve the lives of the people you have met.

Woman-to-Woman Worldwide is designed to establish a network of “growing concentric circles of world proportion.” T.J. Liggett

You are invited to participate in this program in a number of different ways.

  • Be an actual participant on a journey. Contact your regional staff person in January to start the application process.
  • Pray for the participants on the annual journey.
  • Support one of the service projects.
  • Donate to one of the participants travelling on the journey
  • Learn more about the Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journeys by subscribing to Just Women  magazine.
  • Share what you learn with others.

Woman-to-Woman Worldwide Journey List

  • 2017 India
  • 2016 South Africa / Ghana
  • Ten women were selected for the 2016 journey to Ghana and South Africa:
    Beth Campbell – Upper Midwest Region
    Coral Cogbill – California/Upper Nevada Region
    Bonnia Fouts –  Kentucky Region
    Penny Gradwell – Virginia Region
    Catherine Hargrove – Capital Area Region
    Diane Hooker – North Carolina Region
    Jessica Phillips – Indiana Region
    Betty Quicksall – Mid-America Region
    Rosetta Robinson – Capital Area Region
    Sara Rudolph-Pollard – Great River Region
  • 2015 Middle East – September 29 to October 9 in Beirut, Amman, Jerusalem and more.
  • 2014 France / Italy –  October 12 to 22 in the cities of Paris, Rome, Florence, and Torre Pellice.
  • 2013 Mexico – September 16 to 27 in the areas of Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí and Aguascalientes
  • 2012 China – November 3 to 17 in the cities of Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Zhoukou, and Beijing
  • 2011 Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo – August 28 to September 12 in the cities of Brazzaville, Kinshasa, and Mbandaka,
  • 2010 Turkey – October 14 to 25 in the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Gaziantep, Midyat, Mardin, and Iznik,
  • 2009 Venezuela / Colombia – November 8 to 21 in the cities of Bogatá, Ibague, Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, and Tineorero
  • 2008 Israel/Palestine – September 29 to October 10 in the cities of Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Haifa, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Hebron
  • 2007 Bosnia/Croatia – October 15 to  30 in Zagreb, Canton 10, Dubrovnik,  Sarajevo, Srebrenica, and Zvornik
  • 2006 Haiti/Dominican Republic – October 18 to 30 in and around Port a Prince and Boca Chica
  • 2005 Korea / China – October 31 to November 15 in and around Beijing and Seoul
  • 2004 Kenya – November 8 to 20 in and around Nairobi, Central Province, Mt Kenya Region, Maasai Mara, and Norok,
  • 2003 Colombia – October 9 to 12, abbreviated journey
  • 2002 India
  • 2001 Egypt & the Sudan
    Trip cancelled due to security concerns
  • 2000 Vietnam
  • 1999 Mexico
  • 1998 Cuba
  • 1997 Indonesia
  • 1996 Brazil
  • 1995 Hong Kong and China
  • 1994 Czech Republic, Germany, England, and France
  • 1993 Zimbabwe
  • 1992 Haiti, Puerto Rico and Jamaica
  • 1991 Japan
  • 1990 Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua
  • 1989 Philippines
  • 1987 Program was adopted by the ICWF Cabinet